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ARIAD, like many biopharmaceutical companies, is in the process of engaging in logo_twitter_withbird_1000_allblue.pngconversations via new social media channels. These communications are important to us as we can have more insight into what is important to our stakeholders and to the patients whose lives are affected by cancer. As a biopharmaceutical company with development-stage products, we are committed to certain ethical, legal and regulatory standards unique to this industry. We believe that the guidelines below will allow ARIAD to have a responsible presence on social media sites such as Twitter, where we can engage and support ARIAD’s mission. We hope these guidelines help as we use social media and that our followers understand some of the regulatory and legal implications that may limit our responses.

About @ARIADPharm:

  • We welcome your mentions/replies and we’ll do our best to respond to most questions. We will not respond to personal attacks, foul language, disparaging comments or topics that do not relate directly to the company. We may not be able to respond to your questions immediately and some responses may be limited in nature.
  • May not be able to address some questions/comments, including questions directly related to financial matters, ongoing legal matters, regulatory issues or certain other elements of our business.
  • We hope that your contributions will add value to the overall dialogue and we appreciate you providing links or other resources to support any claims.


  • Any personal medical issues should be addressed with your physician rather than the Twitter account, which is not moderated by clinicians.
  • Twitter accounts that ARIAD follows or is followed by do not indicate an endorsement of the account owner or their products and services.
  • ARIAD may provide links or references to other sites as part of its Tweets. However, ARIAD claims no responsibility for the content of such other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content. Any links to other sites are provided as merely a convenience to the users of this platform.