Our Science

Focus, innovation and discipline.

ARIAD represents a long history of scientific excellence, with special expertise in the design of small-molecule cancer medicines.

We have long operated at the forefront of discovery, with deep knowledge across key areas that form a solid base for solving cancer’s most difficult problems.

Two values that define and differentiate us

Of our six values, scientific excellence and clinical scholarship stand out as the two that truly define ARIAD and how we develop drugs.

Scientific excellence begins with the best minds in drug discovery and development, and comes to life in our disciplined approach to drug discovery and development. We use unique ARIAD computer modeling and structural design technologies to maximize our chances of success before we begin clinical trials. We believe this is a more efficient, less costly and lower-risk approach.

Clinical scholarship speaks to how we design our trials. Our approach is different from the norm, grounded in highly innovative clinical science at ARIAD. Clinical scholarship is defined and driven by a unique marriage of our knowledge of the biological basis of the disease with the mechanisms of how a given medicine works.

At the forefront of small-molecule discovery and development

We’re experts in the design and characterization of small-molecule medicines. We are known for our deep, embedded knowledge in key areas of the drug discovery process. ARIAD utilizes a highly sophisticated and effective combination of computational and structural approaches to drug design based on a solid understanding of how our medicines bind to their targets.

Highly targeted drug discovery

Our sole focus is cancer. We are concentrating our efforts on small-molecule medicines that target proteins and pathways involved in cancer, in the areas of greatest unmet need. Our internal drug discovery programs build on ARIAD’s deep in-house expertise in cancer biology and structure-based drug design to create molecules that overcome resistance to existing treatments.

ARIAD’s discovery group is a multi-disciplinary team of scientists with expertise in medicinal chemistry, structural and computational drug design, cell biology and cancer genetics, pharmacology, and drug metabolism. A major focus of the group is to identify inhibitors of protein kinases (enzymes that transfer phosphates between different proteins) that are implicated in specific cancers.